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In a constantly changing world where we are drowning in information, yet starving for wisdom, every now and then someone comes along who understands the answers to Life’s questions so well, that they’re able to explain them simply …

Bad things don’t happen to us because we are bad. It’s not like we are being punished. All That Is is for anyone who has ever wondered who we truly are, why are we here and what we’re meant to be doing.

Based on a series of ‘light bulb’ moments, this intriguing compilation of 101 insightful one–liners explores the timeless truths of being human. It can help adults of all ages and all cultures to live our best possible life.

If you are genuine in wanting greater peace of mind, more joy and happiness, easy-going relationships, improved health, better finances and ultimately, being at One with All of Life, then this book is for you.

Ponder, contemplate or reflect upon these seemingly intuitive wisdoms which most people don’t even slow down enough to notice, much less reflect upon. Then make them a part of your daily life to internalize the learnings.

“You can read All That Is in two minutes, or you can meditate on each of its sentences for a whole lifetime.”

– Author Pedro Barrento, The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale