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“After reading your book I felt inspired and raised in my thoughts and felt true inspiration. I would like to give my support for the vocational, simple insights given in Brother David’s book. “ – Karen [last name supplied], Australia

“The lyricist Maynard James Keenan from my favorite band ‘Tool’, an American spiritual art rock band, said “if I cannot heal from my art, how can it heal you?” I feel the same when I read this book – it has the ability to heal people, to guide them to make wiser decisions involving their own life and their relationship with others, which is highly commendable and necessary in fact in such a superficial, chaotic world. I respect you David … you are ‘Rocky Balboa with wings’ – please keep writing.” – Suez Anwar, India

“This book is just over 1200 words long, but contrary to what logic dictates its size is subjective. It is short in the sense that you can read it all in two minutes, but you can meditate on each of its sentences for a whole lifetime, therefore making the book of infinite length.” – Pedro Barrento, author of ‘The Prince and the Singularity – A Circular Tale’, Portugal

“I liked it for its shortness and concentrated wisdom in every single sentence. Some sentences become clear only after several repetitions. Greatly activates my radiant thinking … gonna read it again a bit later, to see if my perception changes over time.” – Mikhail Gamov, Kazakhstan

“Great book – very spiritual. This isn’t a book that you can just mindlessly skim through, each quote is meant to be pondered for as long as it takes. I know I’ll be going back through this book many times in the future.” – Michael Joyce, USA

“David understands the virtue of adhering to a minimalist aesthetic in matters of the spirit. That does not mean the book lacks substance however. Quite the opposite is true, as each page contains words of wisdom able to be contemplated deeply and seriously. Treat this book like an espresso shot of spirituality; one small dose nourishes the soul for an entire day.” – Paul LeBlanc, USA

“Thank you David for this book which makes me think deeply about life. It brought me self improvement about my daily way of thinking.” – Guillaume Mansoux, France

“I read this booklet, then found I had to go back and consider each page separately; be in my space, so to speak. Each page elicits contemplation which takes me quite deep. There are a few quotes that don’t ring the right bells, however, I’ll most definitely be going back to those, on a ‘pick–a–page–and–just–go–there’ style to fully appreciate the depth of each saying and it’s meaning to me.” – Thomas Rex, Australia

“Made me think about what ‘it really is all about’ – thoughtful, deep writing. Thank you!” – Michel Schreck, Switzerland

“When I really focused on the sayings presented in the book, I discovered there truly is a very deep and profound meaning behind each and every quote. I felt that there was a deep wisdom, and even some form of divinity in the quotes. Truly, an insightful book if you allow it to be.” – Steve Yetman, USA